Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Peoria, Il. Over Built in Retail and Taxpayer Funded Public Entities?

Kmart closing and another large retailer on the brink. Civic Center with unusually high losses does not bode well for the new hotel complex, the PRM at the beginning of a predictable long losing streak (when you ask the local public what they would like to see in this museum after it's attendance predictions plunged and you may remember that this was not to be just a LOCAL museum but a REGIONAL museum, when you see the largely privately owned ball park asking for relief from the City and receiving that relief through taxpayer dollars, the Peoria Park District cash strapped, the County property taxpayer owned Heddington Oaks losing $900,000.00 in the first 6 months of this fiscal year, sales tax collections down considerably, streets and curbs in seriously bad condition, etc. some of you may agree with me that the "wealthy movers and shakers" may have "moved and shaked'" too much.

I left out the troubled public school system, District #150, bonded up to their eyeballs and the IAW's aging underground water system. And the over flowing Greater Peoria Sanitary system and under staffed security systems, etc.

I know it is articles like this that anger people but many of our leaders, not just locally, are similar to the ones who designed the Titanic as unsinkable.

Of course, we are over built in eating establishments; nothing new because they lead the country in bankruptcies, but not in drinking and show an tell establishments.

So sad.

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