Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chad Grimm - A Jump From Health Club Manager to Illinois Governor Would Be a Halloween Nightmare

Union Democrat bosses throw 6 figure dollars to this Libertarian's non-campaign, believing, probably correctly, that the additional votes he would draw would come from disgruntled Republicans and Independents. and stick this near bankrupt state to four more years of disastrous Democrat rule.

Just a  another dirty trick by dirty Democrats and dirty union bosses

So sad that this country and workers are led by so many Socialists masquerading as ordinary U.S.A. citizens looking after everybody's'  best interest, but in reality, their interests; the loot they gain by being reelected.

Grimm is regarded as loose cannon but the Libertarians could care less. They just want anyone whose mouth moves to be on the ballot. Grimm has already run for two offices in Peoria and lost badly. Reports are that he recently addressed 8 schools. About what? Physical education? To slip in remarks to pass on to their parents to not vote for Republicans is what I've been told. Who made this decision? What do we have well paid health and physical education teachers for?

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