Thursday, September 11, 2014

Peoria Chief Baseball Year End Statistics in the JS Missing Most Important Element

What's missing? Attendance and a breakdown of attendance. How many freebies? Usually a lot are included. How many kids tickets are included in attendance figures including Dare Day kids attendance. Why important? Well, even though the JS sportswriter may believe this is a Public Ball Park; in order to save money the JS now has a golf reporter now covering  baseball, it is supposed to be a PROFIT MAKING PRIVATE  ballpark (AT LEAST THAT IT WAS HOW IT WAS SOLD TO PRIVATE INVESTORS back in 1994 when I bought as many shares as Pete did) owned by the stockholders even though Rocky seems to feel he inherited the club from his dad who was also minority stockholder.

Unfortunately, most stockholders who aren't buddies with management will not find out till spring how the club did financially and whether it will need to go back to the City (taxpayers) to see if the City can cut them more survival deals. We stockholders not in good graces with Rocky, Don Fites and a couple others running this money losing project, usually don't get any real information until tax times. My $50,000.00 loss was long eaten up and whether I still own any shares of stock remain a mystery. At least I never get more than 2 documents a year from Rocky, one including my profit and loss statement, always a loss including last year. Whether I still own any shares I might be able to learn by asking Rocky. My relationship with him is that I would not stoop so low as to have to ask since I have been trying to sell my stock since at least 1999 through Rocky.

Some ask why I bought in. Easy. I bought my stock in 1994, 20 years ago when the club was still at Meinen. I also wanted to keep minor league baseball in Peoria. I did not believe and told Pete and JS.  Pete, before his death was known by some as Peoria's nicest con man, that a move to the so-called riverfront was NOT GOING TO BE  the finacial salvation of the club. To date, my yearly 2 page, mostly blank, financial statement from the Chiefs, prove I was right but Pete got his wish for a $23 or so million dollar stadium and that was all most people were interested in, especially Caterpillar.

So anyway, you JS sportswriter, how about attendance figures with a breakdown or is Rocky still reviewing these figures while making all other statistics available to the you.Or didn't you ask or care since you don't own stock in this PRIVATE club??

As a side note, minor league clubs like the Chiefs are always bragging that "so and such" now major league star once worked their way up through the minor league systems. Surprise! I guess that most major league stars come directly from high school or college. Or am I wrong in believing that minor leagues are supposed to DEVELOP high school and college players into major league players?

Also, one might ask why all the thousands of others who play yearly in minor leagues are seldom, if ever mentioned, never even play one game in the majors? Good question, Merle.

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