Thursday, September 11, 2014

Journal Star in Such Bad Shape Financially They Can't Afford Proof-Readers??

I don't look for the grammatical errors in the JS. They just stand out..See if you can find a headline on today's Sports page where they printed "to" instead of "two" Just one of dozens I've noticed lately throughout this news rag.

I also need to go to the library tomorrow and read what "reporter" closed a business in a small community BEFORE the owners had made public anything about closing. The "closing" article appeared on Sunday, September 7. Just like JS "reporter" Matt Buedel who reported I had an upstairs room when I have lived for 24 years in a ranch style home. Why did he INTENTIONALLY  do that? A further effort to make me look bad by making the believer believe there was adultery being committed in a "upstairs" bedroom.when there was no adultery being committed anywhere in my house.

In my book at least 3 of the reporters couldn't hold a job unless they wrote for the National Inquirer. Who are the other two? Hint. Two of them write a weekly column and one used to be be listed as an editor!!!

I will need to go to a local library to see who wrote the article that closed this local business before the business KNEW they were closing if they did say they may plan to close someday. The JS was just performing as usual, hear of an event that can embarrass someone and than act as jury and judge and often times providing sentencing before anyone is found GUILTY. If found innocent, they then bring up as much other events to embarrass the accused so that no one is ever found innocent by the JS unless they are friends of someone influential at this rag, Therefore, no is ever really found innocent by the many medias and many of their viewers or readers

Do I make grammatical mistakes? Sure, but I don't get paid to blog nor can I afford a proof-reader.

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