Thursday, September 04, 2014

American Wanna-be Terrorists Fight for the ISIS?

Are they citizens of the U.S.A. or just reside here? Do they return here after they have joined the ISIS? Travel back and forth with funds for the ISIS? Are their passports legitimate or purchased on our black market? Is the FBI checking their backgrounds and the backgrounds of the people they hang out with?

The ISIS organization has been identified by this country as a terrorist group. If Obama wasn't playing golf or on vacation he could take action to stop these "Americans"" from re-entry into our country. Of course, we have an OPEN border with Mexico which is already causing so many problems that the average citizen has difficulty or has stopped trying to understand. Since Obama seldom has a plan that 'holds water' I suggest that Hagel and Congress put an end to whatever if going on because what is happening is NOT in the best interests of the U.S.A.

I suspect some of my questions are being answered. If not enough questions are being answered with action then our fearless leaders are wading into deep and murky waters from which this country may never return.

Better believe that a larger segment (than we rural "hicks" might imagine) of the population of our country are applauding these "brave' men and women terrorist  'wanna-bes' who are now dangerous terrorists in ISIS training.

So sad that we are fast becoming a nation of hand-wringers and wimps led by many members of Congress and a continual scary president.

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