Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ferguson, MO. or Anywhere Else - Shoot the Looters or at Least "Taze" and Arrest and Jail Them

High poverty rate is claimed as one of the many reasons for the violence in Ferguson. Problem is that FEW if any of those looting, vandalizidng and intimidating are HIREABLE. If Ferguson wasn't mostly a ghetto before the violent man was shot and killed, it will be a ghetto shortly. ( He was no longer a 'kid' after he was 10 years old!) What business in it's right mind would locate in Ferguson, Mo.? Maybe the countries #1 radical Communist, Marxist and nutcase, Al Sharpton, will move there and later be joined by Jesse Jackson, Jr. if and when he gets out of prison. Maybe the NEW BLACK PANTHERS members will move there. Maybe Obama and maybe even Holder will vacation there instead of Nevada and Hawaii or whatever place they go at the exxpense of the working class taxpayers. All who have common sense and can afford to should be planning to move elsewhere. Most civilized countries do not put up with what is going on in this St. Louis suberb. Many of the looters are on photo tape and can be identified. 15 years minimum is what they should get if convicted. Or if not shot dead. I support peaceful protests andrelize that many of the 'goons' are not from Ferguson. I support the real people who are being victimizedd; black and white, Hispanic or Asian. I also realize that too many Security Officers (I've seeen more than enough films of "Swat Teams" in ACTION) are little better than thugs themselves but all indications so far was that the officer who did the shooting had little choice but to shoot. That the thief, bully and thug was killed is what is called the "luck of the draw" or in this case "the luck of the officers aim". Cause and look for trouble and suffer the consequences.. My question if why weren't officers working in pairs? And why not armed a TAZER? It i obvious we are turning into a country of wimps and if you are black, way too many pacifist people believe being black means 'special consideration' without common sense.

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