Wednesday, July 02, 2014

IDOT - Two Letters Left Out

An additional I and and S in their appropriate spaces. Did anybody notice or care what an IDOT mower did to the grass between Rt. 74 and University on the South side? It will take years of taxpayer dollars to repair the damage done by mowing when the ground was saturated with water. Or, does anybody care that IDOT builds slopes too steep with seldom a terrace so that heavy rains wash gullies down the seeded or sodded right-of-ways? Then statewide, millions of dollars are spent in repair yearly. At least the head of IDOT resigned but I'm sure she will be replaced with another incompetent Democrat and strong union lover. The State of Illinois is sunk until it becomes a RTW state which will not happen in my lifetime. And, speaking of idiots, staunch coward Democrat Brian G., whoever you are, don't expect any of your stupidty to appear on my sites. Use Billy's site as he is evidently a friend of yours.

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Vonster said...

If that's the same Brian G I remember he really is a little bitch.