Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hurry To Impeach or Indict Obama Before He Completely Destroys This Nation

Evidently not enough people have the guts to rid this nation of the greatest destroyer this country has every encountered. If you are not watcdhing the news, both liberal and conservative, most citizens do not understand the seriousness of the emminent dangers this nation is facing. 40,000 troops in Germany while this man signaled 3 years ago that we would pull almost all fighter trained warriors out of Iraq. Our security along Mesicsn borders is being overrun by illegals, refugees or not, two years of Lerner's emails have disappeared, his appointeee, (most of them incompetent) Hilary Clinton, call Benghasi a "bump in the road", ObamaCare turns out to be what I and others predicted, the national debt is rising faster than ordinary people can comprehend, most of his rhetoric is lies, he is a proven populist Socialist, his militant union friends and his tort corporations are his best buddies, people who benefit from his largees are afraid of him, his major opposition party has proven to be a be a party of self-interest and bodies of wimps, etc., and I could site thousnds of pages of ways he has violated the Constitution and other laws or the land. If you don't read the WSJ, watch Fox TV, read, listen to, and watch both conserative and liberal news for comparisions, don't select candidates who can rally this nation back to sanity or eeven take time to vote, than people like me are only preaching to members of the choir. Many of us have feared dictators and yet we have have one. So terribly sad. My new software has abandoned "Spell-Check" so forgive my mis-pellings. Also, excuse my long absence from emailing and blogging because of illness, declining years sapping my energy and my shared rage over what is happening to this once great nation.

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