Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Peora City Council - Conflicting Reports on Proposed Water Company Deal

A copy of a letter sent to all City Council People asking for clarification of the proposition which is cloudy and apparently not well thought out. There is money needed to REPLACE very old and worn water mains, money, vast  amounts needed to replace and repair our antiquated sewer system, vast  amounts needed for our all over the city public transportation systems, etc., and it all can't come like raindrops out of the sky.
It is GOING TO COME FROM LARGELY PROPERTY TAX PAYERS. Get real council and Mayor, that is if your capable. Most of you, if not all, supported the failing PRM which was an indication you DID NOT DO YOUR HOMEWORK like those of us who led the oppposition did.

Honorable Members of City Government, 

The Water Company Franchise option, as presented, is unnecessarily complex. The street improvement project is not an essential part of the Water Company Franchise question.

We can agree that the City streets need repair and maintenance. Does the City have an itemized plan in hand? This would include the name and location of each section of each street, and a detailed description of the repair or maintenance. This would then result in a total of the estimated expenses and estimated completion dates. Is this plan available on line?
With this itemized plan in hand, the taxpayers can now discuss the method of payment of this particular plan. Of course, sunset would be included.

With the street issue identified and isolated, we can now examine the Water Company Franchise option.
What is the advantage for the City to grant a 20 year Franchise to the Water Company?

Terry Rowe


Anonymous said...

Hey Merle -- We can finally agree & since we agree, I bet you will finally post one of my comments! The City would be foolish to give the Water utility a 20 year deal with the only return being higher water rates. Our rates are already sky high compared to other communities in Illinois. This "deal" sucks.

Merle Widmer said...

Bet we agree on a lot more happenings than this one.

Merle Widmer said...

Bloggers bash 6 PM Tuesday April 29 @ Donnelly's Shamrock near Westlake Shopping Center.

I plan to attend.