Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Caterpillar's New Headquarters???

Four days back from a winter in Florida and I believe I know where the new Cat headquarters will be. It will be built in downtown Peoria after Taft Homes have been destroyed and the Taft residents are relocated to Weavers Ridge and Edgewild or places similar, that vacant land and the land bought by the city a dozen or so years ago directly south of the Taft Homes, the dilapidated and eyesore old Coliseum or Armory is given to Cat in return for tearing it down and Cat buying up old stuff on either side of Jefferson and building a St. Francis type walkway over Jefferson and there you have it. All this land with no cost to Cat except they may throw in the demolition as they did for the "boondogle on the Illinois River front" in the future known as the BIRF. Doesn't have a good sound , does it, but neither does the museum attendance figures. Published lately?? And the guaranteed $16 million NEW business courtesy of two Bradley Economic gurus??

Buying some old buildings downtown may have some use for Cat or have been a smokescreen or a backdoor deal with the mayor. (I understand Mayor Jim and one other Councilman had been working with Petersen owner of all or most of the hotels on the Northwest side of town, in privacy about a location and funding of the new sports complex for two years of so) This All-American City is really best known for it's transparency. Just ask the board and head honcho of #150.


Surely the JSEB and it's staff of investigative reporters have figured this out the day Phil interviewed the two head honchos overseeing public housing in Peoria.

All speculation on my part so any one "pissed" at me needn't  bother to have your attorneys threaten me.


Eye in the Sky said...

Are you going to come to the blogger bash I would love to sit and chat with you.

Merle Widmer said...

Bloggers Bash Tuesday April 29 at Donnelly's Shamrock on Rockwood near the Westlake Shopping Center.

I plan to attend and look forward to meeting you and others. I've only attended one years ago.

Anonymous said...

Taft won't be vacated until sometime in 2015! Also, if PHA had a deal with Cat they would have to divulge it. One final reason you are in left field here: think of the bad publicity associated with moving Taft residents, and ask yourself if Cat would want anything to do with that political hot potato?

I think that simple deduction proves your theory wrong.