Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wichita State Basketball - Ticky Tack Fouls Against Them and Too Many No-calls Against Kentucky.

Ticky tack fouls broke this great basketball team and really great coach's win streak. Kentucky got by with countless knock downs. If you are a Kentucky fan or not and watched the game, you maybe didn't see what I saw.  I both coached and refereed but even with the crittical calls against Kentucky, the last foul finally called against them was like a bone being given a beaten dog..

Wichita was the best team on the floor. However, the players on the Wichita team should have called time-out as soon as they gained possession of the missed 2nd Kentucky free throw. 2-3 seconds would have given Wichita more time to set up a better play inside.

So sad but at least a Mid-West team moves on.

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