Sunday, March 23, 2014

Illinois Universty (U of I) Basketball - "Playground" Players and Coach, Screw Up Chance to Advance in the NIT

Yes, NIT, not NCAA. When the Illini coach finally brought in a white (surprisingly) kid who could  shoot and score, the "playground" players and coach wouldn't set up a play that would allow "whitey" to shoot. Don't you ever wonder where these kids from supposedly poor families get the money to buy the expensive cars they drive? The die hard fans don't care as long as their team wins this game that looks more like football than the game I at one time coached. And refereed.

Play ground type players seldom win big games as great coaches as the ones at Wichita State, Duke and Kentucky so often prove

So sad that so many waste a great deal of money and time watching a deteriorating (in quality) sport. The coaching object seems to be to let the players drive through three defenders; shoot and hope for the best. Offensive players are allowed to "roll the ball" over and their hand and carry the ball:. The reason "carrying" is not called is that this is a judgment call. Aren't all call "judgment calls"?

But give the populace enough circuses and.............../

PS - I like the way Wichita and Creighton play the game. Good luck to both. As to Bradley, Wrong Conference as I wrote during the Albeck, Molinari and Les days.


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