Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Studying Abroad To Come Back And Continue to Destroy America??

Many believe this is happening to a far greater extent than is credible. It has always been known that a few studied abroad and back to America to promote socialism and worse. Often foreign study is supported by your tax dollars.

It is already known that many wealthy people who made their money through use of the capitalist system and sent their kids to colleges, both here and abroad, where some professors promote Socialism and worse. Contacts were and are made in and around schools with those who are trying to destroy capitalism. Many are taught to be so over compassionate that they cannot see the "barbarians at out gates".

Perhaps a few remember Patty Hearst, of the wealthy Hearst family who I now believe has been released from prison. Just one small example.

I again issue the warning. Pay attention to what your kids are learning on your dollars. Remember it only takes a few to "change the world" into one you do not like.

Any sensible person can see it is happening as I write.

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