Saturday, January 25, 2014

Comment Signing Yourself as Anonymous? Most Likely Your Comment Will Not be Published

I posted this message many times. All anonymous either have a strong dislike of me but won't say who they are. If there is  no way to trace a comment, it will not be posted. Most anonymous think I am wrong about Obama. Never have I been so right.They accuse me of not checking out my sources but swallow Obama's lies like chocolate and vanilla ice cream,.

Read Peggy Noonan's column in today's WSJ. She articulates much better than I. Of course, she gets paid and has a hundred times more sources to use to write plus she is a superior writer. If you are a thorough reader of the Wall Street Journal, the National Review, the Economist, Judicial Watch and anything that exposes big labor and other somewhat similar journals (If you live in Illinois, you should read and support the Illinois Policy Institute, a must read) you really don't need to read me except the skull-drudgery going on in Peoria..

This summer I will tell you more about the behind the scenes dealing on the new sport complex proposed out north of Grand Prairie. I blogged on part of this before but that was about 8 years ago.

And yes, more on the Stowell boys, Jerry and Jimmy and their role in bringing me grief on a false effort by the Sarasota and State governmental bodies to enrich their sadly sagging purses.

Later. because the law, when wrong, tends to drag out efforts to expose the facts.

I took no journalism classes and I know it shows. No need to remind me. However, all the journalism classes in the world would not help me better understand the hollowness of this charismatic demagogue who has occupied, without qualifications, the highest office in the U.S.A, for 5 miserable years with 3 more, maybe even 7 more, to help destroy this country, far more than the damage done under LBJ with his failed war on poverty and his handling of the Vietnam War which cost more American lives and ruined more lives, that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined.

So far.

Now that Obama and his ilk have mishandled every foreign crisis, they are still blaming George for most of Obama's failures; George, the younger, who I admit, was a man with few qualifications to be president but then he appeared to be the best of two poor choices. I held my nose when I cast my vote for him.  Not so when I voted for Romney.

So sad for most common sense thinking voters who appear to be in a lessening supply. And, no,  I seldom listem to Rush, even though he is more right than wrong but O'Reilly and Kelly better suit my listening and watching needs.


Zorek Richards said...

I have debated the anonymity issue also and decided to not allow anonymous comments also. I have noticed they the anonymous ones are the most hostile. I decided that if someone has real convictions that they shouldn't want to be anonymous.

Merle Widmer said...

If commentors sign a name, but list no email of street and city address, I cannot verify if the name is real or phony. If it is a personal attack on me, it will not be printed period.