Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Belligerent Unions and Lack of Leaderswhip On Almost All Levels of Black:Leadership

This is a correct statement and the facts are there for anyone to see, hear or read and for anyone with a fair thinking mind.. Over the years, I have posted dozens of blogs on this subject that you should be able to find on my search bar in the top left hand corner of all blogs or if it doesn't appear, then on my most recent blogs. If you can't find, email me and I will guide you. I have visited dozens of schools, served on various boards in Peoria's poverty neighborhoods, read profusely, traveled widely and can see quite well the travesty of the past and current wars of poverty.

The failure of Johnson's war on poverty was intended to succeed with good black ans white  leadership. It didn't get the right leadership and it has been a miserable failure. The belligerent unions speak always about more and more for themselves despite economic conditions. And the belligerent blacks will blame the white people for anything that happens that doesn't line their pockets of build their prestige among those who won't accept learning.

When I owned my business (28) years, I was represented by the Teamsters Union for 22 of those years. The union and I negotiated seven 3 year contracts without a strike or walkout. My successor is still represented by the Teamsters, to my knowledge, and our relationship with this union, to my knowledge, has always been respectable.

There are many reasonable unions and an increasing number of competent black leaders.Then there are leaders who have FINALLY discovered that a lot of poverty is caused by the lack of parenting.

Wow, what a major discovery!!!

Just not enough leadership no matter how many "hi-faluting" degrees they have.

And not enough "right to work" states. Illinois is another miserable example.

So sad.

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