Tuesday, January 28, 2014

$10.10 Per Hour Minimum Wage Will Be Pushed Hard Tonight By the Man in the Empty Suit

This is Obama, the Democrats and Unions admission that the large public schools are mostly failures. Youth will intrepret this high minimum wage as an admission they do not have to study, just slide through all 12 grades if they can. If not, they will believe that they are entitled to $10 plus an hour whether they have any skills at all. Let alone no work ethic, learn to sue if fired for any reason, no integrity, little discipline and social agencies to feed and cloth them.

Expect the poverty level household earnings to be raised so that many of them will also be able to collect welfare such as food stamps, often sold for non-necessities such as illegal drugs, prescription or otherwise.Along the Gulf Coast in Florida, blue pain pills go for a fixed price of $30 a pill. Less powerful pain pills go for $7 and up each. You only need a "street smarts" education to peddle what ever one can get their hands on; cheating and theft, which is rampant despite claims of the cities to the contrary.

Back to the minimum wage huge boost. The Republicans must oppose as the raise will in no way boost business unless it is in sales of alcohol, tobacco, tattoo sales, etc,.none of which add to the overall well-being of this nation. Nor will it boost new hires as businesses do not succeed by hiring losers as I well know as I owned my successful business for 28 years and as of this date, one month short of 50 years, the business I started still bears my name.

Neither will it help those businesses, the majority of which say lack of potential new hire skills, belligerent public unions, weak public body boards and a basic lack of knowledge of what is happening in this world, plus a school system hampered in most every way by government attempt at oversight and governmental interference.

Add in the lack of a work ethic, integrity, lack of discipline and unions to protect even the worst employees.

After Obama's bragging tonight about all the great things he has accomplished, mostly phantom, I'm sure Republican Rand Paul will call attention to the fact that most of the myriad of promises Obama, the talking head, made last year, have to date been unfilled.

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