Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Obama Halloween Mask - If You Really Want to Scare 47% or Maybe 51% of USA Citizens

I would love to have one to wear tomorrow all day.. He (Obama) was just an observer as his health care program went into action after 3 1/2 years of diligent study.("He", that's how I will address him after watching the "wicked witch from the west" and some of the Democrats who 'testified' before the House today absolving him of any blame for the massive failures going on with his Socialistic health care plan).

The former Governor of Kansas was repeatedly asked why she wasn't forced  or why she didn't volunteer to serve under the same health plan as regular citizens are forced to do. She said she isn't included in the plan, you know. Exempted because of her high position in our government as are thousands of other government hierarchy..

Will a lot of people benefit both from the screw-ups and from the program? You bet, even Hitler was given credit for Germany's excellent highways and many Germans benefited from what they stole from the Jews and in other ways. The German highways are reputedly superior to ours. So I've been told many times.

Will "he" get some credit in future history books? Of course. Also because may liberal supporters of him are writing and will write history.

Oh, and yes, some of the media reported that an employee of a Kentucky private company who wore a mask of him to work caused 750 employees to take some type of sensitivity training. I'd love be sit in one of those classes.

So sad and no, I'm not an anarchist, just terribly disappointed in the majority of our leadership as I near the end of my life.

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