Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Whatever Happened to Kathleen Woith? And More

At one time Kathleen Woith was VP of Communications for Lakeview Museum. Then one day she was no longer employed by Lakeview.  Inquires as to why she left was met with "we don't know" answers. I bring this subject up because she wrote on my blog site "The museum's Strategic Plan calls for 78 to 83%of the visitors coming from our 'resident area' .(Didn't the Bradley experts know that) These numbers follow the national standards for museum visitations and is in line with Caterpilllar's projections as mentioned by Mark Johnson  (Mark also commented on my blog indicating my information was wrong. Johnson was liaison between  then Lakeview Museum and the new 'build the block' promoters.

Almost everything was wrong with the PRM. And Dave Ransburg, who basically inherited his business, still heads the one and only museum committee??

It is sad to see that I evidently had so many of my facts right on the museum and so many "movers and shakers" were and are riding on Titanics. (plural)

And again, why did Kathleen leave Lakeview and not a peep out of the JS?

While my reputation gets smudged by liar Matt Buedel and then by Chris Kaegard. and the Detective Dept. of the City of Peoria never really took interest in the case. It took them 5 weeks to interview 2 of the 3 suspects and of this morning have not interviewed the third. A theft from my household and I turned out to be the criminal with a basically bedridden alcohol addicted wife who just lately has agreed to take treatment. She is susposedly starting Oct. 7.

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