Saturday, July 20, 2013

Only in the United States of America

Can a brown man kill a black man and the white man gets blamed.

Leading black racists in Peoria: Pam Adams, Carl and Mrs. Carl Cannon and  many others too numerous to list. Evidently Carl doesn't believe in jury verdicts.. Otherwise, why wouldn't he be teaching these kids about a jury acquitting black Simpson of the murder of a white woman? The majority of the black community applauded. Fortunately, Simpson is now in prison convicted of a different crime.

Racial divide? You bet led by Obama and his ilk which includes a lot of far left leaning liberal whites who are still lamenting the exodus of blacks from other countries where if these far left leaning radicasl liberals would read more history would find that these blacks who were brought to our shores were PERSECUTED by the greed for money by their own
"leaders". Their treatment in many cases was appalling and so was the persecution of the Jews seldom mentioned by black leaders who seem more in tune with the Muslim Brotherhood trying to take over Egypt and Syria..

I regret the death of  community leader Gary Sandberg. I also regret losing some of "the fire in my belly" but my readers should hear more from me again.

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