Thursday, May 02, 2013

Heidi Heitkamp, Democrat I Support

I count few political Democrats I like. Heidi recently moved to the head of the type of Demo politician I like.

Sorry I'm not blogging much but I have other issues right now. Not financial. (My shares of IMAX were up $1.39 per share, not bragging but I suggested quite awhile back that if you were in the market buy IMAX and CAT, who will soon bloom again) I really would like to turn my history of this community and world issues to someone who is interested. Approimately 8 file drawers, most sorted and labeled in file folders.

In the meantime, go to my search bar to read about ring roads, musuems, ball parks,. highways including the one time "highway to Chicago", Obama, Romney, ObamaCare, poverty, School Dist. # 150, etc.

Thanks for reading me. I never expected eveyone to agree with me.

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