Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Local Events in Peoria

The electors just showed a disdain for politics, 17% turnout, and in many ways, you can't blame them. Few want to take the bullshit handed out by their opponents and the media as witness the lie told about candidate John Kunski who lost to a not exactly truthful, Jim Montelongo, who predicted the riverfront? museum "would be a great success and the dissenters where pretty stupid to oppose it's construction" (See my blog "Councilman Concerned About Museum Opposition" dated 9/15/2010 and easily found on my blog site search bar, upper right hand side).

It appears the lie circulated in a flier by Montelongo and his chief supporters cost Kunski the election Had. Kunski lived in a cave with no outside contacts would he NOT  know that the downtown ballpark was a long way from being a revenue producer. But maybe Kunski's detractors were talking to Roger Monroe "See my blog of 3/24/2008, titled 'Peoria Chiefs Baseball Club''  where Monroe told a "big one"

Lies like this one are reasons why more people don't run for public office and when the "good" ones are elected, the take a bashing from the medias who for one reason or another, have an axe to grind.

I read where the Peoria Public Library Director was fired, no surprise, if you read the blog, "The Peoria Chronicle, and my blogs,  We published the reasons he "left" Indianapolis which were known by the board that hired him. It appears more "firing" of some board members should be done by library supporters and the  city who mostly funds the libraries. (Did you by chance note the "increased"?? attendance at the costly Lincoln Branch Library?) That's the site where the "movers and shakers" in this community failed to research what was under the site grounds and had to relocate and rebury, or did they?, the remains of those buried under the expansion site at a rumored cost of $600,000

Actually, most of the increase in library use was free computers. Check it out..

I read where Developer Matthews is running behind, despite a mild Peoria winter, in this someday boondoogle, the renovation of the Pere and would be fined fined $41,000 per month for every month he misses the guaranteed completion date. Will the city actually charge and collect the money? We will maybe find out or maybe not.

I see where the Peoria City Police Super, the Mayor and the SA are going to, this time, really crack down on Peoria gangs..


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