Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Highways of Vehicle Destruction in Illinois

After passing through Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky, where gasoline was in the $3.30's and the highways were smooth, I dreaded entering Illinois where I knew in advance that the prices of gasoline were $3.50's to the $3.70's and the potholes and rough pavement would jolt me back into the reality of vehicle travel conditions in Illinois. Unfortunately, while I commend Peoria on it's prudent use of gas saving yellow flashing turn signals, the street conditions are possible the worst in the country. And with the dollars budgeted and the workers  no where near as effective as those who laid the airplane runways at say, Saipan during WWII, conditions won't change much before next winter.

Much has appeared in print about the dangerous conditions of our bridges. I'm afraid the condition of these bridges will remain dangerous for years to come and air travel will remain the far fastest and safest way to travel any distance, even safer than the railway-railways from Peoria to Bloomington so coveted by some of our most distinguished politicians. (tongue-in-cheek here) or har-har-har.

I drove the 1238 miles in 22 hours but I believe this to me my last trip to Florida or Arizona by vehicle. Next time I seek a warmer climate, it will be by air, the Lord willing. It was good to be back among friends and relatives, catch up on local events and get settled in for a stay.

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