Sunday, March 10, 2013

Relgious Radicalism

I sent out an email today in which I attached an opinion of another about the rise of Islam radicalism in the world today. I received a couple of comments reminding me that Christianity has had their share of radicals as have most religious groups in history.

I agree. But the perhaps the greatest threat to the world today is the rise of radical Islam. I am not aware of Christian groups of radicals threatening to kill all infidels. And doing just that especially in Egypt and parts of Africa.

As well as each other such as the Sunni and Shites.

It was also pointed out that Germans who protested the rise of Nazism were persecuted. That was true after Hitler gained power. We should be making every effort to prevent a person like Hitler to gain control of this country. However, if you read widely you may note that many efforts are being made by our current administration to weaken the ability of citizens to defend themselves should the need arise to DEFEND themselves.

I have posted these comments in previous blogs. I have also posted that while we increase games and circuses, the majority of us do seem to be blind about the future of this country.

So sad.

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