Friday, March 01, 2013

Let the Sequester Begin

For a country wallowing in massive debt growing daily by millions of dollar, 80 some billion is a drop in the bucket. Let the small suffering start.

Obama hides behind the fog of gun control, more welfare and converting illegals into Democrat voters,  congress people and bureaucrats spend millions of dollars on "all talk and parties and convention dinners, resulting in  little positive and spending reduction action" while elsewhere, increased entitlements and lazy workers abound. In Florida, a right to work state but like unionized Illinois, I observed the common practice of 6 MEN, 3 pieces of expensive equipment and three City owned pick up trucks surrounded by dozens of barrels; the men nonchalantly repairing a small rupture of concrete. As I drove by I asked as I usually do, the four men standing around, two who appeared to be working,  if they needed any help which usually draws a few laughs from the free-loaders who must suffer greatly in the average 70-75 degree Florida temperatures.

All DOT's want more money for expensive equipment that sit idle (about 1000 pieces of
cat equipment setting unsold) between Tampa and Orlando, some unsold for four years or more as there is no money to improve the bridges and expanded highways let alone money for now departed USDOT Secretary Obama-Republican Peorian Ray LaHood's High speed rails from Goodfield to Carlock or is it Peoria to B-N or from somewhere in Tampa to somewhere in overcrowded Orlando or Bakersfield to Timbuktu, ring roads, long now obsolete, from Morton to Caterpillar-Mossville, while Cat contemplates re-locating corporate headquarter elsewhere by 2020 and manufacturing moves to right to work states. Don't fear, Peoria will have the visitor's center which turned out to be a partial Caterpillar workplace upstairs and off-limits to visitors. This now multi-purpose building was built at a cost of  $41 million, much  less than the highly touted $51-3 million visitor's center originally advertised.  Entry costs are from 7-9 dollars per visitor when the original thought was the center to be free or $5 bucks at the most, My interest culminated parking at a "I pay the city" parking meter, walking up the long outside stairways, asking the price of entry. objecting and then peering through the windows. I've seen enough Cat equipment in operation in my travels and am most interested in their stock prices that have ranged from $117 to 79 per share in the last 18 months.

Anyway, let the sequester begin, I''ll accept the fallout as the beginning of a lot more cuts in government spending which is contrary to Obama's plan which is to lie more and spend like a true Socialist or Marxist as it will eventually be proven he is.
Lets get back to the sequester and the $2 Trillion and growing yearly deficit. I want more profit orientated successful non-union businesses taking over the public sector business whenever practical, greatly reducing the number of especially federal employees, more job creation for willing and dependable workers, those harder to find these days because the majority come from our failing big city. drug and gang racked schools, and by reducing the burdens placed on the private sector by usually lazy regulator paper shufflers would couldn't hold a job in the private sector.

Looking at all requests for money as priorities, the rush to get re-elected to enjoy all the massive perks,Includes those high class conventions and possible tax-payer funded trips abroad, the attempt to please all those who will vote for you (one prominent Peoria business man told me he couldn't vote for what appeared to be the best candidate because the incumbent funneled government money to his company and his vote was "obligatory"

This country will most likely turn out somewhat similar to Greece because politicians, by and large, want to act only in a manner that will get them elected and ten re-elected earning them the title of "A Parliament of Whores" by acclaimed author P.J. O'Rourke in a book well worth the read.

In the meantime expect high taxes, higher prices on fees and most  everything and after a possible brief pause, more increased spending for all those "worthwhile" causes presented by those who guarantee the results of the next election, whether in the best interest of the "whole" or not.

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