Monday, March 25, 2013

Journal Star Comment Page Seldom Verifies Comments Submitted??

The Journal Star wrote recently that "they verified every comment submitted to their opinion page BEFORE printing the comment". That is a false statement. When I was running for the Peoria Park district presidency, a major supplier to the park district, in his criticism of me, had this comment published by the JS, "Widmer, while serving on the Peoria County Booard, raised the taxes om Peoria County residents by 25%". In the first place, of course I didn't, I was a Republican serving in a Democrat dominated County Board and just one of eighteen board members.

And no one on the County Board suggested a 25% tax increase.

When I challenged Mike Bailey and another now departed Editorial page editors , they said they did not have the time to check out all "letters to the editor"??? Many letters to the editor carry false messages and are printed by the JS, past Editorial Page Manager, Barbra Manz Drake comes quickly to mind, and present members continue the practice. In their defense, false info is daily printed in liberal medias across the nation. In the area I am in right now, the Tampa Bay Times leads Florida.

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