Friday, February 08, 2013

More Government Largess For the Millions of 'Americans' on the Dole

Forwarded to me by a friend.
 Modern Living On The Dole....
Recently, our good friend Michael (a local realtor) shared his
experience with Leisa and I about an "Obama supporter" he encountered
> while showing homes to a low income, working family in Pontiac, MI.
> We asked him to please write it down so we could share it with you.
> As a Realtor for the past 28 years I thought I'd seen or heard it all.
> Until now.
> I was showing homes in Pontiac, MI. one afternoon recently and showed
> up at a home at the 4:00 pm time my appointment was scheduled for.
> After I woke up the homeowner, she let us in and then proceeded to
> tell my buyers and I that she has already entered into a contract to
> sell the home on a short-sale. (A short-sale is a sale where the banks
> accepts less money than is owed on the home). After some chit-chat,
> she proceeded to tell us that she and her sister (who also lived in
> the area) were buying each other's homes via the short-sale process. I
> mentioned to her that I thought relatives could not be involved in
> those transactions. She smiled and said "We have two different last
> names so no one knows the difference".
> She went on to tell us that each of them owed over 100K on their homes
> and were in the process of buying each other's homes for about 10-15K
> cash. To top it off, they were each receiving $3,000.00 in government
> provided relocation assistance at the closing.
> My buyers and I were amazed that she was outright admitting to fraud
> and yet, she continued. She began to tell us that the best part of her
> scheme was that because they currently were not working that they
> (both) are now receiving Section 8 Vouchers. I said I thought those
> were for renters and she said "That's the best part; me and my sister
> are going to be renting each other's homes so we don't even have to
> move, and Obama is going to give us each $800.00 a month to pay the
> rent!" She then picked up a picture she had framed of Obama and did a
> little happy dance around her living room and while she kissed the
> picture she was singing "Thank you Obama.... thank you Obama."
> So here is the bottom line. Both of these scammers got at least
> $80,000.00 in debt forgiven, $3,000.00 in cash for relocation (when in
> fact they did not relocate) and to boot, you and I will now be paying
> (through our taxes) $1,600.00 in rent for each them each and every
> month.... perhaps forever!
> And I also would not be at all surprised if they are receiving food
> stamps and whatever other programs are available for anyone who is
> willing to lie to get assistance.
> These women went from working and paying about $900.00 each in
> mortgage payments to staying home and getting paid $800.00 each per
> month to live in the same home they had been living in and all they
> had to do was lie on a few papers. This craziness has to stop! I'm
> sure this kind of fraud is going on each and every day all across the
> country and no one wants to touch the subject of entitlements because
> they might OFFEND someone or lose a vote or two.
> By the way ... she had an almost new SUV in the driveway, three flat
> screen TV's and a very nice computer set up in her living room which
> was furnished entirely with nice leather furniture.


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1 comment:

Nana said...

#1 - Can you get the origination of this story, as it MUST be published in the media. It looks like it came from somewhere, so should be verifiable. I would like to get it up on Facebook, if it can be authenticated!
#2 - Did the realtor report this?
#3 - Doesn't this sound like an ACORN backed scam?