Sunday, January 20, 2013

Powell, LaHood, Hagel Most Noteworthy Obama-Republicans

History will prove that Colin Powell will not rank among the most brilliant Generals.

Was there any war that we ACTUALLY won while he was in power? 

Please don't say "Iraq". He is leading us into becoming a nation of wimps, not that he needs any help. His recent criticism of Former successful Alaskan Governor, ranks high among distortion by politicians and political "wannabees". He said her use of 'shuck and jive' was intolerant when he deliberately misquoted her. What she actually said was quoted as saying was 'shuck and jive shtick'. Powell succeeded in making her sound racist.

Was Obama racist when he called himself lazy? Most people would agreed if they didn't want to be so politically correct.

Ray LaHood, Obama's Secretary of Transportation, will go down in local and national history as being no Everett Dirksen.

Most people never knew -- or they forgot -- that Ray LaHood strongly promoted a "four lane highway from Peoria to Chicago" that even the federal government didn't stamp as a priority. He then supported a  highway from Peoria to RT. 80 replacing RT. 29.

So did I in a letter to the editors when IDOT announced it would cost only $300 million. A year later,"IDOT 'projected' costs jumped to $600 million and I quickly dropped my support. I did support a couple of  'pull-overs' so that slow traffic could pull-over and let faster moving traffic past. IDOT, in their often IDIOCY said they never considered that option.

Neither did Ray LaHood who never publicly withdrew his support for RT.29.

LaHood was also a big supporter of a ring road from Morton to Caterpillar at Mossville which would include another bridge across the Illinois when the State can't find enough money to repair the bridges they have already built.

Dozens of millions are as of this day being spent to "study" routes for this ring-road that is supported by 'mover and shaker' types, Republicans and Democrats alike. This ring-road WILL NEVER be built as it will some day be quietly dropped while Caterpillar and Dave Leitch fuss and fume and the Mayor of Morton lets off steam.

Chuck Hagel, well he may have served his country and was shot at; how rare, my cousin was shot at and killed, will have his days of questioning by the sane Republicans we have left so I'll let you read about his record in the liberal news media. No Democrat will oppose him so they can say "we are being fair to the other side" by choosing a Republican.

Just goes to show how "fair" Democrats can be.

As to black Obama calling himself lazy? He may be lazy but he has listened and studied well what it takes to be Emperor and still be "lazy". Count on him to get the laws changed so that he can run again in 2016. As this country sometimes rather quietly slides further  into Socialism and perhaps Marxism.

Any bettors that I'm wrong, call me personally, and we will meet and determine the rules and who will hold the 'stakes'.

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