Sunday, January 06, 2013

Major Insurance Companies Raising Premiums 20% or More

After ObmaCare became law, how could anyone but the most naive not understood that someone had to pick up the cost of 20,000,000,000 million plus new humans coming under radical new socialized medicine. Either the companies they work for would pick up the extra cost or pass it along to their consumers if they could, the insurance companies would band together; they are starting to do just that, to raise their costs, hospitals would raise their costs, (remember my blog where I quoted Peoria's Methodist Hospital was eagerly awaiting ObamaCare and perhaps you remember when Methodist laid off employees and stopped construction only to resume .again when they were almost certain that ObamaCare was to become the law of the land) and governments would be able to raise fees and taxes.

While I want all to have access to most preventive health care, I also expect them to avoid adding to  the government dole by adding or continuing to add themselves to more unnecessary health care as most Democrats encourage them to do along with many overly compassionate Republicans and Independents. Free Viagra types,condoms and perhaps later vibrators and dildos??

So sad.

As for myself, I have on several occasions, assessed my own health needs and avoided going to emergency or seek hospitalization by seeking a knowledgeable pharmacist advise. A month or so ago, my physician recommended I go to emergency. Instead a CVS pharmacist made a recommendation and for $15 I overcome my problem and was back playing tennis in three days.

Many of you could do the same as I suspect cost conscious people do.

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