Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Rotten Benghazi Affair Grows More Rotten

Fox TV reported today that the four Obama administration employees who allegedly resigned because of their mismanagement of the Benghazi disaster, are still on the governments payroll are soon to be rehired. This is the president at his best, all smoke and mirrors. Dozens, if not hundreds, of deals like these, or worse deals, are being done by this administration while the attention of the public is focused on the fiscal cliff, mounting debt, immigration, unfunded pensions, etc.

Meanwhile, did Mrs. Hillary Clinton (there, I gave her a title) fake her concussion or is she just dragging it out? She is very likely the main culprit in the whole affair and will likely evade the Republicans strong requests for her testimony on the tragedy. Meanwhile Obama and his ilk can concentrate on gun control while FORTY THREE THOUSAND U.S. RESIDENTS DIE IN VEHICULAR ACCIDENTS EVERY YEAR  while thousand die by knife stabbing, baseball bats and tire irons beatings, fisticuffs, frying pans, intentional arson's, gang hits that include bludgeoning, intentional hit and run killings, strangling and mothering's and dozens of other ways conniving to kill by just evil people, "mentally disturbed" people (aren't we all at one time of another) "offing" each other daily.

So sad that incidents like these will never see the light of day in ultra-liberal newspapers similar to the Tampa Bay Newspaper.

More on this newspaper and it's lying columnists later.

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