Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sandy's Hurricane Relief Bill Loaded With Unrelated Earmarks

Few of the liberal media, if any, are making a complaint about the $60 plus billion dollar relief bill that has all types of earmarks added to this bill. This is an old trick of congresspeople who bring pork  back to the greedy people who elected them. After all, what callous person would stop a relief bill?
Then have the liberal press and the administration condemn them if they failed to pass this pork-laden relief bill?

It is unfortunate that the names of all the Democrats and Republicans who added earmarks to this worthy bill, aren't exposed. I wouldn't at all be surprised if there would be money for the cash-strapped Peoria Riverfront Museum. For those of you who blame the Democrats for ALL the dilemma's facing our communities and nation should remember it takes two to tango. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours, Democrats and Republicans.

More reasons for a third party if the proper leader can be found and who will run. None have surfaced as yet.

I can understand that elected officials are to try to return as much of the taxes as taxpayers in their district have paid out. What bother me is the manner in which the money is secured and the WORTHINESS of the earmarks and entitlements. Like millions of taxpayers dollars going to a minor league ball club, in a poor location, and in financial do-do according to the Journal Star.

Once a politician has directed money to a district, there is little or no followup as to how that money is used. A good example is that when Obama was still an Illinois Senator in 2007, Obama directed money from the government, approximately $200.000 to Peoria County, specifically marked for a new sprinkler system for BelWood Nursing Home. It was like pulling teeth to get Associate Administrator, Scott Sorrel, to finally admit the money was used to pay consultants and engineers, without one dime going to fund any sprinkler system. Administration reasoning was that a new Bel-Wood was in the works. I would have insisted that the money be set aside for the sprinkler system in the new BelWood.

Soon, the old BelWood will be vacated and the County will expand into the old BelWood which will still be without a sprinkler system, needing a new roof, new electrical and new plumbing.

So sad.

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