Monday, November 12, 2012

Why Did Republicans Lose Races That Were Theirs To Win?

Exactly one year ago (November 11. 2011) I blogged, "Why Obama Will Win in 2012?" Despite the efforts and the money spent, many Republican  campaigns could have presented stronger candidates, repeated less erroneous commercials, and spent more time positively presenting how they would change what is happening now which is spending a lot more o n things this country cannot afford.

I know that some people will say what about the Democrats? True, but negative ads didn't help Schilling, Sullivan and Ierulli..On the other hand, they appeared to help Obama, perhaps because he used them EARLY and stayed with consistent lying putting the Refpublicans on defensive throughout the entire campaign.

Yet taxes remain high and have only one way to go and that is up. The citizenry is spoiled. They want more with less effort. And no one wants to give up any excessive benefits they are now receiving. They also believe what Obama says not letting as the old saying goes "don't let facts get in the way" and they didn't.

And don't and maybe many never will. 96+ blacks voted for Obama? Unreal..

It is possible, except for fact that Obama will, over the next four years,  stack the Supreme Court and the unions belligerency will increase, that it was best that the Democrats retained the Presidency and the Senate. Soon, they will no longer have justification  to blame previous administrations even though they will continue to do so. Especially with the continued help of so much left leaning media.

For the readers reading who view and listen to factual information, I am not going to be redundant and repeat the dozens of reasons why the Republicans did so poorly. But I will add a couple more facts. One possibly major fact was the snub of Ron Paul at the Republican Convention in Tampa. Paul had die-hard support that decided, especially after Tampa, that they would sit this election out and they did.

Another powerful reason the Republicans failed so miserably is that the far right wing has way too strong a dissent against conventional thinking.  The party leadership in general is made up of too many old heads thwarting progress. Gays and lesbians are here to stay. And grow. Although I do not condone same sex marriage, it will be more and more tolerated by a more permissive society. I would have so stated and moved on. I have never shunned gays or berated them.

Solutions to illegal immigration has been poorly by both parties. Belatedly, this situation can be more gracefully??? handled as I wrote in  my several blogs on illegal vs. legal immigration and how to handle the 11 million illegals already living in this country, some for 15-20 years. Round them up and ship them all back?


Factual failure by Republican blue-noses to recognize is the fact that the drug eradication programs are failing. Why, because people are going to use drugs, come hell or high water. Some states voted to legalize marijuana. Twice on this blog site I called for a national debate on drug use. Eventually it will come and the people will speak as they have on the gay rights issues.

The fact that marriages face the problem of fidelity is a far larger issue than most men and women care to admit. It is my belief that in time private lives will become more private especially after the Petreaus and friends?? publicity. Almost forgotten are the FDR, the Eisenhower and the Clinton years as the country becomes more secular. If it can be proven that Petreaus's personal actions comprised this countries security? Well, then his actions will result in disciplinary action. Edwards and Arnie infidelities will be slower to be forgiven.

When the best people to run our country are judged by a highly publicized incident in their private lives and thus denied the opportunity to "right the ship" the more this country will be run by those less qualified. That people cheat it best paraphrased by the old parable. "Let those who have not sinned cast the first stone."

It's far from a perfect world out there. Maybe not as far off as some people believe but the world of technology was not there in the 19th and 20th centuries. But it is here now and there WILL BE LESS AND LESS SECRETS IN PEOPLE'S PERSONAL LIVES AND PUBLIC LIVES.

Unless our slide to some sort of socialism becomes so rapid that only dictatorships can succeed. Remember, I have already predicted some sort of a revolution in this country before 2050 and maybe as early as 2025.

I won't be around to help pick up the pieces if any are left.

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