Monday, November 12, 2012

Peoria County Board Election

The Peoria County Board remains the same with  Democrats remaining in power  (10-8) for the 12th straight year. with the most votes cast in District 16, 5096, where Republican Brad Harding easily won over Democrat William Atwood, by a margin of 1056 votes. In Brad's interview with the Journal Star Editorial Board, thr JSEB wrote on Oct. 23 as follows, " Many a board can be well served by someone who challenges convention (al) wisdom, and Harding invokes former Peoria County Board Member Merle Widmer as something of a role model." Whew, I'm sure glad Harding won by a substantial margin.

Several Republicans felt that Harding might not be able to hold his position,

Brad had some of the same thoughts I had about the inflated numbers thrown out by the Museum Committees and concern over the lack of private funding including the not as yet fully funded Museum Endowment Fund.

Brad also questioned some of the numbers put forth by County Administration about the old and new BelWood Nursing home (soon to be renamed Heddington Oaks).

As late as November 10, the Andy Kravetz of the JS was quoting the BelWood Administrator as saying BelWood runs a $30,000 deficit after Peoria County adds another $1.4 million in indirect costs such as payroll, pensions, insurance, etc.  Probably correct but then you must add the approximately $2,000,000 that BelWood collects from Peoria county property tax owners.

It is amazing all private owned Peoria County nursing homes make a profit while PAYING all their own indirect taxes from their revenues and receiving NO revenue from property tax payers. BelWood is a 300 bed capacity with about 180 bed filled at this time.

Heddington Oaks is being considered by the board as adding a dialysis center for client convenience and to boost revenue.

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