Thursday, November 01, 2012

Obama the Failure Must Be Fired

Obama is an example of how dumbed down America has become. Obama's solution to problems? Give a quick speech, do a photo opp, then get right back to campaigning.

Many people will vote for Obama, no matter messed up the country is.


Because they think Obama is "cool", as he destroys their future and their standard of living.

Because they think he "inherited" a bad situation and is doing his best to "fix" things.

Because they don't understand why socialism, collectivism, and totalitarianism is so bad.

Obama is an example of "the cult of personality".

By prancing around on Leno, Letterman, and The View, Obama continues to smile and laugh. He is trying to get people to look at him as a clown and a fun they quit looking at his miserable record as president.

This empty suit has to go.

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