Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Gun Maker's Stock Moves Up Sharply Today

If you didn't think people who base decisions on facts are concerned about the future of this country, you might note the hefty rise in the value of gun maker stock today. If you listened to me you would have enjoyed the same paper profits my wife and I made by acting on my advice. I expect shares of gun makers will continue to go up along with your taxes.

Meanwhile, stock of most businesses, except those favored by Obama such as solar stocks and certain health associated stocks and "tort" corporations, will continue to struggle to grow their businesses.

In the meantime, I again advise, do not discard your weapons. Their will be a concerted effort by this administration to take weapons out the hands of those who use them only for their own defense, gun shows, shooting exhibits, game hunting and the fun of collecting.

Also, join me in supporting States Attorney Jerry Brady in his efforts to get guns out of the hands of those who wish to inflict death and destruction on themselves, mostly blacks, and innocent black and white people.

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