Monday, November 05, 2012

Election Summation by the Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal pretty well sums up the whole election in a few words. As printed in the WSJ on November, 2, 2012, "Mr. Romney has promised a new era of partisan comity, which may be his most unrealistic promise. Most Democrats are in denial and honestly?? (my ??) believe that government status quo can continue simply by raising taxes on "the rich." Perhaps Mr. Romney's slide decks and persuasion can disabuse them of this illusion: he should try and no doubt he will. But one challenge of his Presidency would be judging when his attempts at compromise go too far and undermine the ability of his reforms to succeed.

On that note, our major question concerns Mr. Romney's political character. His history of ideological reinvention and Bay State governance suggests he might bend or concede too much. Our hope for a President Romney would be that he has come to recognize how profound our troubles are and what it will take to solve them.

Perhaps Mr. Romney's most appealing trait is his optimism: We have problems, a whole lot of them., but they are solvable. Americans have always believed that. Yet the sentiment seems unusual given the current President who won with large Democrat majorities but has spent the ;last four years blaming his predecessors for every ill as if they are intractable.

Mr. Romney has treated voters like adults and offered them a true choice about the future. He is promising change, and for once that abused term doesn't mean for the worse."

Along this summation comes another realistic comment by Bruce Reeves of Walnut Creek, CA. on sending American educated Chinese back to China where he guesses they will reject any fanciful "critical thinking" efforts implanted in them just as the Chinese absorbed and outlasted the zeal of Christian missionaries at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Chinese know that many Americans reject critical thinking,, whether in the form of any need for fact-checking statements in the current presidential campaign,. or in the belief that God won't let a raped woman conceive.

In America, critical thinking almost always losses when it runs up against emotion. Politicians,d religious leaders, and CEO's (and Democrat s, my addition) know this well, whether Chinese or American.

Tell me about it.

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Randall said...

Mr Romney needs to go back the Cayman's. The President can move forward and maybe for once, the Republicans will admit defeat and drop their mandate to make this President fail. The American people did not buy it.