Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lawyers Had a Presentation in Tampa

While talking to people at this venue, three noted that I was from Peoria, Il. In the course of conversation, one asked if I knew Mayor Jim Ardis.

When I said I did and knew him quite well, he stated that he had just met with the Mayor the day before.

While I was talking to the other gentlemen, the one who said he had just met with Ardis, text-emailed Jim and asked Jim if he knew me. He showed me part of what Jim said, "Wow, Merle is in Tampa".

He said the rest of what Jim said was 'complimentary'.

I may have gotten my people mixed up, yes. I talked to more than 100 people, I believe his name was Richard R. Boykin with the law firm of Barnes and Thronburg with offices in Chicago and D.C.

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