Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mark Steyn, David Limbaugh, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Etc. - They Reveal Who Obama is and How He is Destroying Our Great Country

Mark Steyns book, "After America - Get Ready For Armageddon", David Limbaugh's book, "The Great Destroyer" and Morris-McGann book, "Screwed", are must reading for all Tea Party People, Republicans, Independents, and many Democrats.

There is information in these books about what Obama and his ilk are doing to this country; information that will seldom be factually reported in the local and major media.

Nor will this material be discussed by the the liberals who dominate our failed public and collegiate education system. Especially in the cities the size of Peoria on up. Never overlooking that we have many teachers who are apolitical, who disseminate the actual facts about all parties, especially in our smaller communties..

All polls I have seen or read about indicate that those polled are not happy about the direction this country is definitely heading.

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