Thursday, July 19, 2012

G & D Integrated, Morton, Il. Plans to Fire or Lay Off 500 Employees

A little noticed article in the local media said that locally based G & D Integrated planned to cut 535 jobs in Decatur after losing a contract with Caterpillar. The company said it would hire about the same number number of logistics employees. But these new employees would have to go through the job applying process.

G & D was involved in a couple of ways with the bankrupt FireFly which local media indicated G & D owned the building FireFly leased out on Galena Rd. I'm not sure who is occuppying the building now but there does seem to some activity.

Nothing more has appeared in the media since 7/7/12. I wonder if the employees being laid off were union and the new logistic employees would be non-union.


Caterpillar has a large truck plant in Decatur. I had a store there at one time and did some business with Cat.

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