Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bradley Memorabilia For Sale And a Smart Ass Email Received

I received an email from a "just out of college" reporter for a local TV station. He asked if he could come over and view the items shown on my Bradley blog. He left a phone #. Within a couple of hours, I called him. He was out, so I left a message that he was welcome, but to call first. When about 36 hours went by, I sent a polite request email asking why he did not return my call.

I received an email back asking me what my motive was and was I trying to make a profit.

If he had any common sense, he could have read the opening line of my memorabilia blog post that says "for sale." Had he any common sense, he might have read where I am proud to post that I am 87 years old. Had he any common sense, he might have suspected I was down sizing and that over the years I paid dearly for these pictured items.

I have donated well over $60 grand to Bradley University and I never attended Bradley. Nor did any of my children. I also headed a one year fund raising drive (1977-78) where we set a record in donations.

I retired from the board in 1983, largely because I had opened a new business in Phoenix and was flying back and forth to my business in Peoria.

Anyway, you recent graduate from a school in Tennessee, you have a lot to learn.

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