Sunday, April 22, 2012

Educating Class Part of 1%'ers

11.1 million of the 1%  come from the educating class. Yet they complain about their pay. I'll say it again, if you don't think you are being paid enough, get another job. Problem is, most of the educating class are very well paid with pensions unbelievable. My wife taught 5 1/2 years and could draw a pension of over $12,000 a year with 180 months at that figure GUARANTEED. (Wisconsin, not Illinois)

Recently in California tens of thousands of students, professors and administrators marched in California and some 30 other states to protest cuts in education spending. It has long been proven that more money is not the solution of our mediocre large high school and college educational system.

One marcher asked beforehand to explain his participation employed the vocabulary of idealism that appeared on every placard and sounded from every bullhorn. "I'm hoping, he said, that students...feel connected to Montgomery, to sit-ins, to Freedom Riders, to farm workers struggle" of the 1960's and 60's and 70's. He wrote on the Socialist Workers Web site "Now that's an education: to see your fight against oppression connected to a long line of others "fights".What bullshit. What these "Me Generation" did was demonstrate the entitlement mentality and self-absorption has come to demonstrate much of higher education.

Credit a column in the WSJ titled, "The Golden State's Me Generation", by Peter Robinson, a fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution.

California is another near bankrupt state that spends over $13,000 a year on each student yet these protesters demanded more money for the "downtrodden and oppressed"

For education of the students?  No. for themselves to fund their tax-free pensions.

Here in Peoria, last year, the Manual tennis "coach' who never played tennis, drew around $4,000 for coaching a tennis team, that only showed up for practice when convenient and only won a few games when they played Central, a team in a somewhat similar situation. This money adds to his pension.

A group of teachers, administrators, unions and supporters led a protest on the Illinois State Capitol grounds demanding more money for education in this near bankrupt state. Again, for education? Not really, just more money for salaries and money to relieve  their rapidly expanding debt in their pension funds.

All of these protests are led by the unions. Governor Walker and others have curbed the growing power and greed of the union bosses. More power to common sense people like them.

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