Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Democrat Governor's War Against All Taxpayers and the Economy

Dear Merle,

Here's something you don't read every day: the Democrats are right. There is a war being waged against certain people in this country. The trouble is, they are the ones waging that war, and it is against all taxpayers.Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley in Maryland has tried to raise the gas tax. Democrats Bev Perdue in North Carolina and Christine Gregoire in Washington tried to raise the sales tax. Democrat Jerry Brown in California is trying to raise the state’s income tax to the highest in the nation. Democrat Dan Malloy in Connecticut already pushed through the largest tax hike in that state’s history. Democrat Pat Quinn in Illinois increased income taxes by 66 percent.The result? Democrat-led states are falling behind Republican-led states on job creation.Republican governors have a different vision. They are holding down or reducing taxes. No wonder states with Republican governors are leading the nation in job creation.Please take a moment and visit MyIssuesMyVote.com and join us in telling Democratic governors to stop waging their war against taxpayers. Let’s send them a message they can’t ignore.Sincerely,Phil Cox

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