Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vote For ANY Republican

I said I wouldn't vote for Santorum even though he has backed off on some of his criticism of Romney as reported in the news today. He will not be selected by the people so not to worry.

The more this man called Obama tries to destroy this country, and he will if given four and half more years to do it, the more I will tell every Republican, no matter who is nominated, maybe Ryan, to vote Republican.

If you read the WSJ today you will read about how a Democrat elected official in Rhode Island is even getting some of the Democrat union workers, not the union bosses, to understand there may not be any pension money in 20 years or so for those who are contributing today. If we keep traveling the path that Obama and his ilk are seemingly successfully leading the voters in this country.

More, government spending, more federal departments and resulting hiring of public workers, the accelerated bashing of big business and wealthy people (except those who toe his line' like Warren Buffett) the faster we slide into becoming a Socialist country or even worse, a Marxist country.

As Rep. Tim Scott, Republican from S. Carolina said, "I'm not really against unions, I'm pro-worker". If only public union and some private union workers only understood this, they would vote for a change, almost any change, to stop the damage to our nations future and do it in the November elections.

Some sacrifices must be made now to prevent disaster in the future.

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