Monday, March 26, 2012

Mosques Being Rebuilt Overseas With U.S. Taxpayer Dollars

The U.S State Department is rebuilding mosques overseas with more than a billion dollars? Supposedly to show our love for Islam.

Please, voters, get out in November to stop some of this craziness going on in our administration and congress.

Love toward those whose bent is to turn this country into an Islamic state is not by throwing money to them. It is another sign of weakness led by Obama and his ilk.

Look at all the money we have thrown to almost every foreign country over the past decade along with the billions thrown to an education system that turns out graduates now in power giving your money away.

I warned quite a while ago that those of you who pay taxes would see a gradual rate in the amount you pay in taxes while your earnings would flatten out or go down.

I didn't have to be much a prophet when I said in my blogs, "you haven't seen anything yet" and now especially if you vote the big spenders back into office.

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