Friday, February 24, 2012

Peoria Riverfront Museum Promises

Just a reminder to all Peoria residents. At a public and press attending PRM meeting at the UAW building, the date I cannot right now recall, two Bradley Economic Professors, citing economic figures, predicted that the PRM would not only draw 360,000 vistors per year ad infintum (PRM spokespeople have recently backed off the "ad infintum") and the musuem would add $14,000,000.00 to the Peoria economy ad infintum and they happily announced that all PEORIA RESIDENTS WOULD GET A 15% DISCOUNT ON ADMISSION TICKETS. So when the PRM opens this year, don't forget to demand your resident discount.

Wanna bet Peoria County residents get 15% off let alone ad infintum? I suspect it is going to be like the NO IMAX. I'm taking bets!!

Why was this meeting at the Union Hall? Because the union PROMISED a $458,000 donation if the construction, etc. was all union. (I've blogged before that soon after the union's announcement appeared in the JS, the cost of construction jumped several million dollars, $10 million approx., if my memory is correct. Rising cost of steel was SUSPOSEDLY the main reason).

Promises? A dime a dozen. One broken bromise basically overlooked by the liberal media is that the RiverPlex, as Board Member Jim Cummings, the Peoria Chronicle, Karrie Alms and others like myself, predicted the RP would never live up to it's promises, had to exend paying off the building for another 6 years and NEVER IN ONE YEAR WAS ABLE TO PAY THE PRINCIPAL AND INTEREST ON THE BORROWED MONEY without taking it from other funds letting erosion wash acres of park land into the Illinois river, raising fees on every thing they offer and reducing maintenance on things like golf courses and tennis courts and grabbing revenue producing events that should have gone to the private sector or other needy public facilities.

Broken promises? You bet. Board President Tim Cassidy promised that these payments would come from revenues generated by the 15,000+ RiverPlex members promised by Superintendent Bonnie Noble.

Expect a lot more broken promises from tax supported public bodies if the economy stays flat for a couple more years.

Remember FireFly that evidently flew too close to the sun and left millions unpaid bills to the City, County, vendors and others as they closed up shop on a "NO MISS" PROJECT PROMISED BY EVERYBODY WHO WAS ANYBODY. (See my blogs on Firefly for names and quotes). Just enter "FireFly" in the right had section of any old blog.

Pay closer attention to those you elect to public office and the why's of why they really want to "serve the public".

And then not least is the "no fail" ballpark bolstered right now by "deep-pocket" investors. My purchase price #50,000.00 shares, on sale since 1999, have no current value. $1.60 is my best offer too date. The offer was $1.80 a few years ago.


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