Friday, February 24, 2012

Caterpillar" - Some Are Mad Because Cat Had "Georgia on It's Mind"

Get a life, some of you angry commenters and other angry people; 90% Democrats, non-voters, union bosses and disappointed local vendors, local governments and local realtors. I'm sorry for many of local vendors and fearful of more damage to come. You should have seen it coming, many good people did, that Cat would build in a "right to work state" and not in a tax and spend state like Democrat controlled Illinois. You socialist embracers, including quite a few Republicans, have elected consecutive Democrat governors and a crooked Republican governor and majority Democrat legislators. You union bosses thought there would be no end of "cherry picking" and "hugfests" with tax supported private industries that are favorites of Quinn and Obama and their ilk.

Your votes for free taxing and spending politicians are helping drive business out of Illinois. The end is not in sight. Not even good old boys and girls Republican Central Committees can save the day unless they embrace some dissident independent Republican views like those of Ron Paul and others like me.

The country should probably consider ourselves fortunate that at least Cat built in the USA. Be happy for the jobs Cat is supporting in Peoria and that headquarters has not yet relocated.

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