Friday, January 27, 2012

Wise Words to the Republicans

I suggest donors to the Republican Party put their dollars to work making sure they hold the House and take the Senate. No way are any of the slightly jaded "four horseman" going to beat the worst president the populace elected in my lifetime.

Maybe in 2016 the Republicans can come up with a new voice who can be elected. Fortunately, this family has enough assets and income to make it five more years. I believe my direct relatives will make it also.

Sure, I'll vote for the Republican candidate that is selected in Tampa. So will all my family and most of my friends. But, the dice are loaded, lies, make no difference and Obama has convinced the faithful the skies were never more blue. Obama has the charm of the old time door to door drug & "snake oil" salesman. People bought then and are still buying now only the selling is done by flying all over the country and dominating almost all the pictorial media.

And the left wing liberals are having a field day. Think how many days they will have when Obama and most unions unleash their hoards of cash.

I am going to slow down my blogging and enjoy some warm weather again. If you don't read the Wall Street Journal you are missing out on reading the best columnists in print today. Fox TV is the best political media to view. And yes, I do believe it is REASONABLY "fair and balanced".

Local news is pretty much the same except I do wish the vendors would get paid more promptly by the state. What a mess this state is in but Republicans, you will not elect a Republican governor so here again, I suggest trying to win as many local and Springfield representatives as you can. Just be sure they aren't as big spenders as the Democrats.

On so many of the other issues like the ball park, libraries, and park district that I have written about, time will tell although my predictions on some have come true, moreso for one than the others.

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