Monday, January 16, 2012

United States Downhill Slide

Christopher P. Lucia from Vancouver, Washington couldn't have said it better. He is quoted, "We will never cut our way to prosperity," (quoting Jeb Bush)yet immediately contradict themselves, stating that we should reform (cut) Social Security and other entitlements programs. Calling it reform gives the politicians cover, but everyone (??, my question marks) knows what must be done.

We also need to cut restrictions on free trade, cut regulations on businesses, cut control of the public sector labor unions over municipalities and teachers labor unions over our education system.

S pro-growth strategy of cutting will ion fact lead to prosperity and it is easy to distinguish from Obama's administration laggard strategy of spend, regulate and spend more."

No governmental body can tax, raise fees, over-regulate, enforce the Davis-Bacon prevailing wage act, make tax reporting more difficult, give public unions more poser, etc., and while spending more than they take in.

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