Thursday, January 05, 2012

Fact is, Obama Has Succeeded

So says Democrat commentator Donna Brazile in a column in today's JS. Among the many accomplishments Obama has accomplished all by himself is "Making Israel Safer" and "Creating more jobs in three years than Bush did in eight". What she leaves out is that the overwhelming majority of jobs Obama has created have been in the public sector while running up the National Debt to $16+ trillion and growing daily.

The list of things Obama has done in three years that are proving to be detrimental to this country would fill up half the JS editorial page.

That the demagogue will be reelected, I have little doubt. Surveys indicate that as many as 57% of our populace has some connection to those employed in the public sector. As I warned years ago in a LTE to the JSEB, 2/26/98, "Our Dependence on Government is Increasing" in which I stated, "Unfortunately our local (State and national) politicians have a history of not seeing a federal grant they didn't like".

We have been sliding down the "slippery slope" to Socialism for a long time as I pointed out in one of my other LTE"s to the JS in the 1990's. We have been building an attitude of "if we don't take it someone else will".

What does one expect that many of the last two generations have been doing. It's called "taking" and running the risk of not being caught.

Where is it taking us??

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