Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Florida Alleviates Stress For This Blogger

Vacationing Florida in truly lovely weather has relieved a lot of the stress I have built up over a number of years. And playing tennis helps. I register my age as 75 which gets me more more invitations to play. I compete quite well, always against younger players. I play in two groups allowing me to play 5 days a week. If you forgot, and I have, I'm 86.

For outsiders reading this blog, my home is both occupied and armed.

I continue to read, listen and watch but have put blogging on a hiatus.

My views have not changed. I don't like what the radical sector of the "occupiers" are doing. I like being paid for performance which pits me against most union bosses. I am an environmentalist but am absolutely opposed to the radicals disrupting business and costing thousands of jobs, I want all [people to make more money so they can spend more creating more jobs creating more tax money to support government that doesn't spend more than they take in.

I have never opposed the wealthy except when they cheat, get arrogant or try to tell the rest of us what we need. Around $640,000 was spent "supposedly" by the wealthy to pass a new museum referendum by 400 votes out of 30,000+ total votes.

And the Peoria Park Board could expand their bloated bureaucracy by taking over the 33,000 square foot Lakeview Museum building to go along with the thousands of square feet they now occupy in the old IDOT buildings on N. Knoxville.

I have turned from being an independent Republican to a conservative independent. To reelect Obama and most congressional Democrats will be the greatest disaster this country has ever known.

I support immigration but not illegal immigration. Read my past stance on illegal immigration by typing in "immigration". My stance hasn't changed much and some presidential candidates appear to agree on some of my solutions.

I believe that the entire Peoria City Council should be voted out with the exception of newomers, Weaver and Akeson. And probaly Sandberg whoud be retained for another year. I thank all of them for their standing for election but disagee on how they are handling other peoples money. The ex-Peoria County Adminstrator did a reasonab;y good job. But county spending was kept under reasonable control by conservatives like myself although I didn't have much support in the last two years of my ten year board sevice.

As far as Peoria Public Schools are faring, their overall history has not been too good; the future appears to be about the same as all inner school systems. nationwide. Not very good. Blame it on the colleges who turn these teahcer out, the power of the unions, and unpaid weak school boards.

I oppose cumulative voting and support term limits. On the peoria County Board, one member is in her 25 year and never saw a dime of OPM she didn't want to spend. The opposite is with one council member.

Enough for now. Plus the problems with my computer are stressfull enough. I can't use my spell-check again and this blog keep publishing before I hit enter.

Best I can do right now. You read any subject of past blogs by entering any subject word like PRM or PPD on my search bar above.

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