Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Obama's Attempts to Gain Back Lost Private Sector Union Membership

Passed on to me by a friend. Obama continues to pay back big labot for his 2008 election.


October/November 2011 Foundation Action Now Available Online

The October/November 2011 issue of Foundation Action is now available to read online or download as a PDF.

Here's a sample of this month's cover story about the out-of-control Obama Labor Board's assault on job providers -- even your local Mom and Pop shop:
Obama NLRB Exceeds Legal Authority in Payback to Big Labor

WASHINGTON, DC – As the list of Obama Administration political paybacks to Big Labor grows, the National U

Far exceeding its statutory authority, the NLRB is now forcing its way into as many as six million private-sector workplaces. The new rule requires job providers to post biased notices that effectively serve as a roadmap to unionization, even if workers don't want to labor under union-boss control, and even if the company has never been accused of an "unfair labor practice."

Mom and Pop shops, small businesses, larger companies -- even some religiously-affiliated organizations -- are now under the Obama Labor Board's microscope. Read the full issue to learn more.

Other stories in this issue include:
Foundation Overturns Union Schemes that Forced Nonunion Workers to Subsidize Big Labor's Radical Political Agenda
Beyond Boeing: The Obama Labor Board's Forced-Unionism Agenda
Connecticut Police Officer Wins Forced Dues Refund
NLRB Shreds Secret Ballots after Overturning Landmark Foundation-won "Card Check" Precedent
National Right to Work Labor Day News Round-Up
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